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UL Information & Insights

UL I&I delivers information and resources to enable customers to manage their complex global supply chains transparently, holistically and efficiently. UL brings its customers and the marketplace the information and resources needed to make smarter, more informed sourcing decisions. UL connects purchasers who need information about a product with producers who have that valuable information.

GoodGuide & PurView®

GoodGuide collects and analyzes publicly available, detailed product information to consumers on personal care, household chemicals, and food products, as well as appliances, apparel, and automobiles through its web and mobile applications. GoodGuide works to help consumers identify safe, healthy and socially responsible products and companies. By making information about consumer products accessible at the point of purchase, GoodGuide increases product safety and transparency.

UL’s PurView® Platform leverages UL Information & Insights’ technology and science to provide manufacturers and retailers with a comprehensive, customizable system that enables data collection across the supply chain and facilitates smarter purchasing decisions about the sourcing of materials, ingredients and products.