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For Suppliers

How it Works

UL’s PurView® Platform will transform how you collect information from your supply chain and use it to improve your product portfolio. PurView can use either industry-standard or manufacturer-specific frameworks for evaluating products. The foundation of PurView is a catalog of the products you sell: you can create surveys to collect the data you need about material inputs or supplier practices from your supply chain, examine how your products are performing, and easily convey your product requirements to your supply chain.

If you are a supplier who has been invited to participate in a retailer or manufacturer’s PurView program, PurView’s data collection tools will be a welcome improvement over emailing excel files or completing different supplier surveys. PurView’s goal is to improve the efficiency of supply chain data collection – suppliers answer questions about regulatory compliance or sustainability issues once, and those answers can be shared with multiple parties that need the information to make purchasing decisions.

Suppliers also receive the benefit of seeing how their data are used by purchasers. PurView dashboards are designed to show a supplier how their products or performance look from the perspective of a purchaser’s evaluative framework: do you score well or poorly? Where are your areas of strength or weakness? Our goal is to enhance transparency up and down the supply chain, so that it is easier for both suppliers and purchasers to integrate regulatory compliance and sustainability considerations into their operations.